Friday, October 14, 2011

Weeks 10 & 11

I was sidetracked from my weekly posts due to my mom being in the hospital. She's doing great now! Just trying to get her strength back and get around now and then she can come home! We're staying at my parents' house to watch their dogs and I can tell the puppies miss her and my dad too.

Anyways... week 10 was pretty much like most weeks. I did have the unfortunate incident where I threw up in my car WHILE I WAS DRIVING! Yeah.... awesome. I did manage to hit the floor mat. James had nicely put bags in my car for such instances and asked why I didn't use one. Well, I tried but you try and throw up in a bag, keep the bag open and drive 60 on the highway at the same time. It ain't happening.

Week 11 was after the horrible news about my mom. I hadn't felt as pregnant as before as I had less symptoms (which James kept reminding me was a GOOD thing) and I was worried since I had been so stressed out. I luckily had my next appointment (actually at 11.5 weeks but close enough) and they heard a strong heart beat at 170 beats per minute. That put me right at ease. Right now I'm just enjoying feeling less sick (still a little nausea but nowhere near what it used to be!) and having more energy.

James took my month 2 photo around week 10 and I never posted it so here goes...

Pardon my fake smile... hadn't been feeling all that well that day. James nicely pointed out that it was not my real smile. Oops :)

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