Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week 5 - Our own little secret no more!

So this week was momentous... we finally told a few people. Just our parents, brothers, and a few close friends. We tried to think of some creative ways to do it...

For our parents, we gave them a little "Grandkids" photo album with a note that said "First Picture Coming May 2012." It took a little bit for them to get it, but when my mom figured it out, she immediately burst into tears. To say they're all excited is an understatement.

I also told a few of my best friends. I just happened to be able to see a couple of them this weekend (we live all over the place these days) so I wrote them letters from the baby with each a specific prayer - baby's health, mommy's health, mommy and daddy being prepared for baby, etc. - so we can all be covered in prayer at this time. They were very excited!

So far, my nausea has gotten a bit worse, but nothing I can't handle. I also had what I think is my first hormonal meltdown. We got rid of our coffee table and were rearranging our furniture and I literally burst into tears because I couldn't decide where I wanted the couch to go. Ha! Poor James!!! He took it in stride and nicely said "well, we don't have to make a decision today" and when he came back in and I had moved the couch 1 foot and decided that is where I wanted it he told me it looked great :) Other than that, just the same feeling of exhaustion as before. So glad it's a holiday weekend. One more day of sleeping in!

Also, a new tradition of a fantasy football league with my Dad's family has started and the draft is on Monday. This baby is going to be a sports lovin' fool. Boy or girl...

Edited to add: My mom just called to let me know they bought the baby's first gift... some college football gear... yeah we're a sports family.

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