Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Week 4 - Sweet Pea is on the way!

So the title says it all, I'm pregnant! We're currently not telling anyone as I'm only 4 weeks along, but I thought I would chronicle what is going on each week until we DO start telling people, and I'll post them all then.

So, James and I had just starting trying to conceive after our second anniversary. I started noticing some changes, like very tender breasts and everything smelled super strong, so I decided to take a test about a week before Aunt Flo was supposed to come and visit. Well, the first test I took didn't work (as in, neither one of the two lines showed up) so I wasn't sure if that meant I wasn't pregnant or that the test was a dud. I waited until I had to pee again, which was conveniently when James took the dog for a walk. I quickly took the test, and sure enough, a VERY faint second line showed up! It's hard to see it but it's there!

I quickly thought about how I wanted to tell James since he would be home very soon before we were going to a prayer meeting. I knew I had some leftover onesies from gifts I had made, so I grabbed some permanent markers and wrote "I<3 Daddy" on one and put it on the counter with the test. When he got back, I told him I had put something on the counter for him. He was running around trying to get everything ready before he left and passed by the little "surprise" about 3 times! I finally reminded him and he looked at it with a shocked face, haha! He couldn't see the second line very well, but that's ok! It was there :) He picked me up to spin me around but I felt a little nauseous (nerves or early morning sickness, hard to tell!) so he quickly put me down.

We had already decided we would wait a little while to tell people, so we had to keep it to ourselves over the next few weeks. Sorry to anyone if I evaded questions or possibly told a little white lie! We figured that 1) it was nice to have it our little secret, even if only for a few weeks and 2) we wanted to make sure the pregnancy test wasn't false. We did take a second test a few days later and the second line was much darker. We're very thrilled and are 90% excited and 10% a little terrified, haha. I think that's probably normal!

So... symptoms so far...
My stomach feels full even when I'm hungry, can definitely tell things are changing in there!
Sore boobs (sorry, tmi!)
Slight nausea, bummer
Crazy dreams... seriously weird and yet, very realistic ones!

James made my 8 week appt. at the hospital on campus so I'm looking forward to that. I think we'll tell a few people before then, but definitely won't announce it on facebook or anything till 10-12 weeks.

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  1. WAHOOO!!!!! I can't wait to meet the sweat pea! I hope you take preggo pics :)