Friday, October 30, 2009

Piggies 1 - Cindy 0

The H1N1 got me. That’s right, I have the swine flu. Gross, huh?? Well PC doesn’t have any symptoms yet so I am supposed to isolate myself from him. Jasmine and Belle also have it so we are hiding out at their apartment. We’re calling it Sicky Island. So far on our agenda… watching multiple episodes of Friends on DVD, eating popsicles by the box and having our food delivered (since we can’t go out without those fashionable masks). PC is understandably upset that I am not staying at our apartment but I think we both know it is for the best.

On a more positive note, PC has gotten 2 interviews for medical school so far (I don’t believe I have mentioned he was applying before)! He heard about both this week and I am sad I am not able to properly celebrate with him so far but just wait… once I am better, he better be ready to party :)

I can tell he is going to be an amazing doctor someday because he has been trying to take good care of me this week until I had to quarantine myself. Making me smoothies and giving me backrubs so I could fall asleep. What a guy!

P.S. Jasmine’s brother got us some popsicles and Sierra Mist and PC brought us green tea and a movie. Are we the luckiest swine flu victims or what?!?!?!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yuletide Cheer!

Last night, Jasmine, Belle and I watched one of our all-time favorites... Home Alone! Yes, it is only October and definitely not the Christmas season (heck, we haven’t even passed Halloween yet) but what better way is there to break in the winter season? Macaulay Culkin was a screaming genius back in his day. Little did we know how Kevin McAllister would turn out as an adult... He grew up sttttrange and can look slightly creepy! But I digress... I cannot wait for the Christmas season to arrive so I can watch all the corny holiday flicks! I love it all! From Elf to The Christmas Story to the claymation movies! Bring on the yuletide fun! PC better get ready for 25 days of Christmas movies with me!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Change of Title

FYI to all my readers (which pretty much encompasses my friends and PC and possibly my mother).... My friend Snow White would like to be referred to as Jasmine from now on... All future posts will credit her this way :)

P.S. I think Snow White...excuse me, JASMINE, has something against being kept in a glass coffin by 7 confirmed bachelor brothers who all live together in filth in the middle of nowhere..............Okay, maybe I get her point :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lulus and Rolling Pins

This weekend was my first weekend at the apartment by myself since we have been married. While I did have an amazing time hanging out with friends, I did have a few mishaps that I am sure PC could have helped me avoid.

First off, my lovely friend Snow White gave me her lulu (I am not sure this is the technical name but it’s a bag filled with beans that you heat up in the microwave) because she had another one. She had mentioned that she has spilled hairspray on it in her duffel bag, but I didn’t take much notice of it. I was so excited because it was freeeeezing outside. I ran home and heated it up and started to brush my teeth so I could snuggle in bed with it, since I was sans PC who is my personal heater. As my teeth were beginning to sparkle white again, I noticed a slight smell coming from the kitchen. I ran to the microwave (which is about 10 feet from the bathroom in our tiny apartment) and the lulu was up in flames (more like singed, but you get the picture)! Luckily after I turned it off and closed the door again, the lulu stopped burning but the smoke was so thick rolling out of the microwave that I had to run and throw the lulu outside so I could breathe. And all the while.... NO ALARMS WENT OFF! Okay, so if the alarm were to have gone off, it would have royally sucked because I would have woken up all my neighbors, but the fact that they didn’t exactly make my heart sing. I had to leave the lulu outside all day and the next night because it has a soothing scent to it that now has an incredibly burnt smell added on so it was a bit strong. My apartment still smells of it – almost like a cigar smell. Our deductive reasoning told us it was probably the hairspray that lit it up.

The next thing, which is not really a mishap but more of a funny story, is my total fear that someone might be hiding in the apartment when I come home. My lovely friends all offered to stay on the phone with me as I searched my apartment with, what else, but a butcher knife, just in case. I am not sure where an intruder might actually hide in our place since PC and I have used every nook and cranny of storage, but I still check :) Last year, when I lived by myself for the first and only time, I slept with a hammer next to my bed in case someone was to come in uninvited (hammers are much better than baseball bats, ladies!). Does this make me paranoid? Yes. Do I care? Not at all. Now I couldn’t find my hammer for some reason, and my spidey senses told me it probably wasn’t the best idea for me to sleep with a knife in my bed, because, you know... I might STAB myself, so what was my solution??? Sleep with a rolling pin in my bed. Not sure how I figured that might help me, but it was my best idea at the time.

But now, good news... PC is home and the apartment is safe yet again!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rockin' Out to Rock Band!

This weekend, PC is out of town - all the way in New York! Since my friends (Snow White and Belle) were also unavailable, I went and hung out with PC’s friends. You see, when we decided to be the first one of our friends to be married, we made a pact that we would continue building the relationships with our friends while we all still live close. That meant spending time with each other’s friends together and separately. I would say we’re doing great with this!

We’re each very good friends with the other’s friends. PC went over to Snow White and Belle’s place last week when Snow White was locked out so she wouldn’t have to be alone. And last night PC’s friends were having a Rock Band night. Ummm yes, I was definitely there! They were excited to see me over since PC was out of town and we spent the whole night jammin out! I was on lead vocals most of the night (of course). Poor guys had to listen to my rotten voice singing everything from Nirvana to the Beatles! Haha but I was the only one who could hit a lot of the notes considering I was the only girl.

I do think one of the best things we could possibly do for ourselves is to spend time with our friends. I do believe I mentioned earlier that our apartment is tiny with a capital T, and we need an outlet where we aren’t always trapped here by ourselves. Is that horrible to say? That we are trapped here sometimes? I don’t think so. I personally think we can’t spend every moment together and PC agrees. What do you guys think? I know everyone feels differently about this.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Did I Just Say That???

So, Prince Charming and I (PC for short) recently got into the argument that you often read about on “Can This Marriage Be Saved” by the Ladies Home Journal (sounds corny? Yes. But everyone should read these!). The dreaded mother/son argument; as in: “Don’t treat me like you’re my mom!” “Well then, don’t act like a child!”…. Over what, you ask? He couldn’t find his duct tape…. Yes, I am not kidding. Who could even make that ridiculous of an argument up? I do have a very bad habit of putting his piles (and piles and piles) of stuff into drawers so that I don’t have to look at it.

So PC thought I had put his duct tape away and he couldn’t find it and was quite grumpy about it. I looked at him with my eyebrows raised and said “You need to change your attitude!”

Oh, had those words really just tumbled out of my mouth??? Those same words that my mother had used when I was particularly sour and moody. Am I turning into MY MOTHER? Not that that’s a horrible thing (I have an AMAZING mama!) but could I really have just spoken to my husband as if he were my 10 year old son??? Yes, that was not the best way to get him out of his sour mood.

It didn’t turn into a cataclysmic fight by any means and we both apologized. Him for being so grumpy and me for being what everyone husband doesn’t want from his wife… another mom!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Once Upon A Time...

Let’s get started, shall we? I will just call myself Cinderella and I recently married my Prince Charming. We live in a tiny, tiny (did I mention tiny?) apartment in a Midwest college town.

Let’s just say that the adjustment has been interesting, for sure. We have had our ups and downs but I would definitely say the ups have been far more prevalent. This blog is just going to be used to document the first years of marriage (and who knows what else?!) that we experience.

I’ll give you a little info on us for starters… I’m a kid lovin’, master’s gettin’, book readin’, wine drinkin’, big purse carryin’ gal who married a engineering studyin’, rural livin’, sports watchin’, beer drinkin’, weight liftin’ guy. We sometimes agree on everything and sometimes it’s amazing that we even know each other, we’re that different. But we fell amazingly in love and we’re on that crazy ride in life called MARRIAGE! I was hoping some of you might want to hear about some of our experiences, and some of you might be able to offer some insight with your own experiences.