Saturday, October 8, 2011

8 weeks

It's hard to express how amazing it was to see our little one's heartbeat flickering on that screen, not to mention the look on James' face. So unreal! The doctor said everything looks great so far, so that was a relief. Our next appointment is in October so I'm hoping we'll be able to schedule the "big" sonogram then. Can't believe it's been flying by so fast!

(Pardon the bad quality, this is a phone picture of the sonogram printout, which I then e-mailed to myself... Very technological, right?)

For symptom news... nothing new to report except the apparent tightening of my pants. I'm at that stage where I just look like I've put on a few pounds because my stomach is like a little rock - can't suck the gut in anymore. Can't wait until it's apparent that I've got a baby in there, not just a Chipotle burrito (although today, I have both, yes!!).

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