Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Little Man is Growing Up!

Well, it happened. Will turned 1 just over a week ago. I forgot to take pictures until cake time but it was a really fun, cute party and we had so much fun. We just had his 12 month appointment is his stats are below.

Height - 31.5" (95th percentile)
Weight - 23.9 lbs (82nd percentile)

He's a big kid! He also took his first long stretch of steps just after my last post at 10.5 months and was full-time walking by 11 months. Now he is running! He has such a fun personality and he is always a great source of entertainment :) We always hear great things from people that watch him in nursery and I love that he loves other people, especially kids. He's becoming a little more cuddly too, which is nice for mama :) He gives "hugs" which is pretty much just laying his head on something to people, some toys, but almost every dog gets a hug. He is obsessed!

He is saying a few distinguishable words - mostly dada, dee (for dog) and I think he calls me baba instead of mama. He is starting to sign "more" a lot at dinner which is helpful. I am trying to teach him "please" as well.

He is in love with the outdoors, so I'm so glad it's finally nice outside. He could play outside all day if we let him. It also helps him take better naps, yahoo!