Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weeks 28 & 29

Not much has changed since my last post. Little man gets bigger and bigger everyday and you can literally see the dance party going on in my stomach. James is fascinated with it :) James also likes to pick out his favorite music and put headphones on my stomach so baby can learn to like his tunes.

I have been a little hungrier lately but there's less and less room for dinner in there so I've been trying to eat multiple small meals. Some of my favorite things lately have been plain yogurt with honey mixed in (low in calories and high in calcium), Cheez-Its, cereal like frosted mini wheats or honey nut shredded wheat (lots of vitamins), and dried cranberries or other fresh fruit. But I also eat a lot of things that aren't the best for me, I've just really tried to watch how much junk I'm consuming.

Baby Boy's room has stalled in its progress until we have the majority of our showers (3 in March and a small one in April!) so we know all that we need to put away. We're getting our maternity shots done today and I am so excited. This is the third time we've tried but the weather was not cooperating. Today looks so beautiful though that I'm glad we didn't try to tough it out during the first two tries. Our awesome friend Deisy is taking them so I know they'll turn out super cute :)

We've also tried to start putting together a plan for the day I go into labor with a few different versions (pre and post James' finals, whether or not I'm at work, etc.) and what we want to take to the hospital. James has started making a list of songs to make a few playlists to calm me down once we're in the hospital. We also need to finalize what we'll be doing with Miss Penny once the time comes. We have some friends that have a dog that live very close to us who have offered to come pick her up and then my parents can take her as well, so at least we have some great options!

I need to sign up for my birthing class at my next appointment (we're officially at every 2 week appointments now, exciting!) so I can feel as prepared as a first time mom can :) I'm sure I'll be a little panicky anyways! My supervisor and boss and I have a meeting set up in a few weeks to finalize my maternity leave plans (who will take over certain duties, etc.) and then I'll feel like my work life is organized for his arrival. The rest of our lives, who knows when I'll feel organized?! I guess God does so I'll have to trust him on this!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weeks 26 & 27

I officially hit the six month mark in week 26. I can't believe it! Only 3 more months (at max!) before we meet our sweet boy! Things are starting to fall into place in his room and it makes it all the more real.

James' parents brought down his furniture since it was delivered to a store closer to them and they got it all set up in his room. He definitely has nicer furniture than we do but we're not complaining at all. Thanks to both sets of grandparents for the awesome Christmas gift (crib and dresser). Baby boy and us love it!

Please ignore the fabric on the chair. My grandma gave us this chair a long time ago and we've been waiting to replace the cushion (or recover it) until we knew what color we wanted to go with. We're thinking cream or a light tan but it's still up in the air. The two pillows on the chair were craft projects I made on the fly today. I made them with a pocket back so we can easily slip them off and wash them if anything... ummm... gross were to happen to them :)

We're putting a peg board over the dresser to hang some baskets and other decorations from. Here's a look at some of the decor for the room that's waiting for it's rightful place.

We're also hanging his name over the crib and a few other vintage baseball pictures that my Dad saved for us (Mickey Mantle, Joe Dimaggio, etc.). I made two collages out of some of James' baseball cards and put them in 5x7 frames that are up on the shelves and we've bought a few other baseball items.

I think I'm in the nesting mode. I spent most of this afternoon doing sewing projects. I made my boot cut maternity jeans into skinny jeans using this tutorial. I think they turned out really well and I'm glad I can easily fit them into my boots now! I also made the pillows and fancied up a plain onesie with the little man's name (so that won't be on the blog for awhile!). I also feel like I constantly want to clean everything around me. We just bought an air purifier so I'm hoping that cuts down on my urge to dust every day.

Anyways, here's my 6 month pregnancy shot. Getting bigger and bigger everyday!