Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First Attempt at Baby Booties

Time for another baby shower gift idea! I've really had fun pushing my limits on what I can make myself. This time I wanted to make a pair of cloth baby shoes. They seemed like it would be completely out of my sewing skills, but I didn't have too much trouble with it (besides sewing the wrong side and having to tear out the seams AFTER I sewed the whole shoe together... nice one). I used the template here, but made them slightly smaller since it would be for a newborn. I feel like my blog should really just chronicle how I see an idea and totally copy it! Haha! I do have some ideas of my own for the near future :) Here is the final product minus the elastic step - I knew I'd forget to take a picture the next day after the hubby went out and grabbed me some elastic. I paired it with a tie onesie in the same fabric and I thought it looked so cute and preppy!
And here's the package all wrapped up! (This was after I added the elastic to the back of the shoes - I was right and forgot to take a picture of just the shoes after that step!)I wasn't able to make it to the shower since it was during the day while I was at work, but I hope she liked it! I have heard that they look like baby Toms :)

I have seen reversible versions of these shoes and I want to give those a shot!

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Baby Tie Onesie

On to other baby shower gift ideas... I made bows for my friends' little girls for Easter, but I still needed something for the little boys. None of the boys were really old enough to care what I got them (the oldest was under 2), so I decided to make them little tie shirts/onesies. I followed the tutorial at Crap I've Made and I thought they turned out super cute!

I can't decide which pattern is my favorite! The argyle is so preppy and cute but paisley is the classic tie pattern! Ah, geez, I think I love them equally :) I bought a fourth of a yard of each fabric at Hob Lob (at 30% off!) and it was plenty to make 6 ties, 3 of each pattern and I could make many more with that as well. The argyle was tougher since I tried to line up the pattern just right. I also bought a pack of onesies for the littlest ones in a 3-9 month size (random sizing, right?) and 1 12 month onesie and 1 little 2T t-shirt at Wal-Mart so they were very inexpensive and so fun to make!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby Shower Cards

As I said previously I went to a boat-load of baby showers in the spring. 7 to be exact. I guess this is a nice follow up to my last year in which we went to 8 weddings. So, while I am not (or try not to be) a cheap-skate, I do like to be frugal when possible. One way I did this was to make cards for the baby showers. I have a ton of scrapbook paper, so this was basically a free project. I used two different scrapbook papers and the general tutorial here. However, I just judged the size myself and mine was just one page, not a folded card. I added little bows on a few of them with some extra ribbon I had on hand. These were great for group gifts because we each got to write a little note all over the cards. These were fun and very easy to make!

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