Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rockin' Out to Rock Band!

This weekend, PC is out of town - all the way in New York! Since my friends (Snow White and Belle) were also unavailable, I went and hung out with PC’s friends. You see, when we decided to be the first one of our friends to be married, we made a pact that we would continue building the relationships with our friends while we all still live close. That meant spending time with each other’s friends together and separately. I would say we’re doing great with this!

We’re each very good friends with the other’s friends. PC went over to Snow White and Belle’s place last week when Snow White was locked out so she wouldn’t have to be alone. And last night PC’s friends were having a Rock Band night. Ummm yes, I was definitely there! They were excited to see me over since PC was out of town and we spent the whole night jammin out! I was on lead vocals most of the night (of course). Poor guys had to listen to my rotten voice singing everything from Nirvana to the Beatles! Haha but I was the only one who could hit a lot of the notes considering I was the only girl.

I do think one of the best things we could possibly do for ourselves is to spend time with our friends. I do believe I mentioned earlier that our apartment is tiny with a capital T, and we need an outlet where we aren’t always trapped here by ourselves. Is that horrible to say? That we are trapped here sometimes? I don’t think so. I personally think we can’t spend every moment together and PC agrees. What do you guys think? I know everyone feels differently about this.

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