Monday, October 26, 2009

Lulus and Rolling Pins

This weekend was my first weekend at the apartment by myself since we have been married. While I did have an amazing time hanging out with friends, I did have a few mishaps that I am sure PC could have helped me avoid.

First off, my lovely friend Snow White gave me her lulu (I am not sure this is the technical name but it’s a bag filled with beans that you heat up in the microwave) because she had another one. She had mentioned that she has spilled hairspray on it in her duffel bag, but I didn’t take much notice of it. I was so excited because it was freeeeezing outside. I ran home and heated it up and started to brush my teeth so I could snuggle in bed with it, since I was sans PC who is my personal heater. As my teeth were beginning to sparkle white again, I noticed a slight smell coming from the kitchen. I ran to the microwave (which is about 10 feet from the bathroom in our tiny apartment) and the lulu was up in flames (more like singed, but you get the picture)! Luckily after I turned it off and closed the door again, the lulu stopped burning but the smoke was so thick rolling out of the microwave that I had to run and throw the lulu outside so I could breathe. And all the while.... NO ALARMS WENT OFF! Okay, so if the alarm were to have gone off, it would have royally sucked because I would have woken up all my neighbors, but the fact that they didn’t exactly make my heart sing. I had to leave the lulu outside all day and the next night because it has a soothing scent to it that now has an incredibly burnt smell added on so it was a bit strong. My apartment still smells of it – almost like a cigar smell. Our deductive reasoning told us it was probably the hairspray that lit it up.

The next thing, which is not really a mishap but more of a funny story, is my total fear that someone might be hiding in the apartment when I come home. My lovely friends all offered to stay on the phone with me as I searched my apartment with, what else, but a butcher knife, just in case. I am not sure where an intruder might actually hide in our place since PC and I have used every nook and cranny of storage, but I still check :) Last year, when I lived by myself for the first and only time, I slept with a hammer next to my bed in case someone was to come in uninvited (hammers are much better than baseball bats, ladies!). Does this make me paranoid? Yes. Do I care? Not at all. Now I couldn’t find my hammer for some reason, and my spidey senses told me it probably wasn’t the best idea for me to sleep with a knife in my bed, because, you know... I might STAB myself, so what was my solution??? Sleep with a rolling pin in my bed. Not sure how I figured that might help me, but it was my best idea at the time.

But now, good news... PC is home and the apartment is safe yet again!

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