Thursday, October 22, 2009

Did I Just Say That???

So, Prince Charming and I (PC for short) recently got into the argument that you often read about on “Can This Marriage Be Saved” by the Ladies Home Journal (sounds corny? Yes. But everyone should read these!). The dreaded mother/son argument; as in: “Don’t treat me like you’re my mom!” “Well then, don’t act like a child!”…. Over what, you ask? He couldn’t find his duct tape…. Yes, I am not kidding. Who could even make that ridiculous of an argument up? I do have a very bad habit of putting his piles (and piles and piles) of stuff into drawers so that I don’t have to look at it.

So PC thought I had put his duct tape away and he couldn’t find it and was quite grumpy about it. I looked at him with my eyebrows raised and said “You need to change your attitude!”

Oh, had those words really just tumbled out of my mouth??? Those same words that my mother had used when I was particularly sour and moody. Am I turning into MY MOTHER? Not that that’s a horrible thing (I have an AMAZING mama!) but could I really have just spoken to my husband as if he were my 10 year old son??? Yes, that was not the best way to get him out of his sour mood.

It didn’t turn into a cataclysmic fight by any means and we both apologized. Him for being so grumpy and me for being what everyone husband doesn’t want from his wife… another mom!

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