Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weeks 34 & 35

Only a few short weeks to go! Well, probably more like 5 or 6, but still!!! We had an appointment on Friday with my doctor and she confirmed my suspicions that this kid isn't ready to vacate any time soon. I had figured that because it still seemed like I was carrying incredibly high (which has led people to remark that I "must be having a girl") and my Braxton Hicks contractions were never very regular. James and I do take a long walk most days and that really brings on the BH so now I just walk half the length of the park and wait for James and Penny to finish the rest. My doctor did a quick look to make sure he was head down and he is, so that's great news!! At least when he's ready to meet us we won't have a surprise breech baby. This was the first week that I had some regular swelling in my feet but it goes away at night and hasn't really been a problem. I have been up and around a lot of the time and it's been warmer so I think that's why it's started. I also have a very large knot in my back that we can't seem to get rid of, but that's really the only comfort issue I've had. Suits me just fine!

Weight Gain: 23 pounds. Is it possible that I'm just having a 20 pound baby and this will all go away??? But seriously, I'm so happy it isn't higher than that! My goal was under 30 and we're definitely on track!

Sleep: Well, I just like to think that this is God's way of getting me ready for nightly feedings and screamfests, we'll just put it that way.

Gender: Boy! Despite what people think!

Names: All in due time..

Feeling: Besides the knot in my back, sooooo good! Seriously, I feel so blessed!

Health: Awesome! Blood pressure is low as usual and I'm still feeling pretty awesome.

Movement: From what I can tell, he's definitely running out of room. No more flips and rolls, just occasional spins and kicks. Still, he likes to move it, move it.

Belly: Still measuring ahead 1-2 weeks but I think he's just a tall babe.

Next Appointment: This Friday. We're officially on weekly visits now!

And here is my 8 month shot... how did we get to 8 months so fast????

We've had 4 showers so far, with a small Girls Night In coming up. We seriously feel so blessed with all we've been given. He's pretty much set! I probably won't post pictures of the nursery until after he arrives so it can be completely finished (with his name up and everything). Can't wait! I love it!


  1. Ha I love this. My heart skipped a beat when it said Name. I was like REALLY she's gonna reveal it. My heart moved faster than my eyes.

    Also... treat yourself to a massage after the babe. I was so sad Kevin couldn't crack my back when I was pregnant last time (aka pick me up and drop me :)

  2. You're doing so good! Ah, I'm already up 25lb and I hit week 30 this week. Grrreeeat haha. I just keep telling myself that it's fine because I started 5lb under my pre-pregnancy weight with Brielle - so obviously my body is just wanting to find it's happy weight?? Ooor, I like carbs. I mean, you know. :)

  3. Haha, so sorry to get your hopes up, Michelle! His name is going to be revealed sooooo soon though! I can't wait! I just have to keep my mouth shut for one more month :)

    Lauren, I think I'm only up 23 because I could have started about 10 pounds lighter but I'll take it! Watch me gain 20 more pounds in the last four weeks. James just bought ice cream so it could happen...