Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weeks 36 & 37

The countdown is on, my friends! As of today, I have 18 days left until my due date :) Now for a little pregnancy rambling... Little man is growing and my stomach is noticeably farther out each week. I have also been incredibly hungry the last week and a half. I'm hoping it's a growth spurt for him and not me! We finished the last project in the nursery yesterday so it's all decorated and ready for its tiny inhabitant. At my next doctor's appointment on Friday, we'll be discussing an inducement date just to get one on the calendar. Hopefully I won't have to use it because I honestly hate the thought of pitocin but I know eventually I'll have to consider it. I won't be induced until I'm at least 41 weeks so that should give me a little more time to go into labor naturally. We had our cloth diapering class last week and our birthing class yesterday. I feel a little more prepared now. I was really impressed with our hospital's tour. The birthing rooms seem very comfortable and each one has their own tub which I heard is a great way to relax while your contractions start to heat up. I'm definitely starting to feel some pressure so I know he's at least dropped a little. However, I keep telling myself I will still be pregnant on my due date so I'm not disappointed. And that, folks, is all I got!


  1. I LOVE the birthing rooms at OU Medical. A lot more comfortable too for James to sleep. If he's planning on doing that sort of thing. The nice thing about James is he's going to have to be used to pulling all nighters so he should be a trooper! Can't wait to meet your man!

    1. We were sooo happy with them! They're nice and roomy and seemed about as comfortable as a hospital room could be. We were really impressed with the options they offered - the shower and tub, the birthing ball, and all that. Very nice!

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    1. Haha I believe my 9 month shot is due next week so it shall have to wait :) As for the room, I will put up a ton of pictures after he gets here since I want his name up. Although after he gets here, I bet pictures of the room are the last ones you want to see :)