Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weeks 32 & 33

Looks like we have a tall one on our hands. At my appointment yesterday, my doctor remarked that she thinks he is a long baby since he is all the way from the bottom of my stomach to up in my ribs. I could have told her that since he likes to lay on my bladder and kick me in the ribs at the same time :) I'm also measuring 2 weeks ahead so we're guessing he is bigger than average. I'm hoping he falls into the 7 or 8 pound range instead of 9 or 10... yikes! My doctor said she would schedule an ultrasound to check his weight if he continues to measure ahead but said that sometimes it just freaks moms out. No one wants to hear that they have to push a 10 pound baby out! Ultimately, his estimated weight (which can be off by a pound either way) will not change my decisions for my birth plan. I'll still try for no inducement or c-section but I know those plans can change. So far, my blood pressure has been great (actually on the low side, which is normal in my family) and my weight gain is right on track (thank the GOOD LORD)! We had our first shower last weekend and will have the second tomorrow. They're so fun and we're already stocked up on clothes :) Can't wait to meet our little man!!! Here's a picture of us from our first shower...

On a non-uterus related note, my Dad and James just set the posts for our deck today. This was one project that James really wanted to do but now I'm so excited about it. I can just imagine us sitting on the deck watching the little one(s) play in the backyard with the dog. How fun! And for an awesome shot of our weird little doggy... we call this her mummy sleep pose. Legs straight out. It's exhausting to be her!

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