Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weeks 24 & 25

We had our 24 week appointment and the little man seems to be moving right along on schedule. I let my doctor know that James was a very large baby so we'll be tracking the little man's growth closely to make sure he's not getting too big. I also did my glucose test (yuck!) but I have apparently passed since my doctor hasn't called about it (it's been over a week so I think I'm in the clear). I'm so glad I probably won't have to do the 3 hour test because just during the 1 hour test, I felt awful. No eating combined with a high shot of sugar = not feeling so hot.

We're hoping to get the nursery set up soon. His furniture has been delivered to the store so we just need to arrange getting it to the house. We also have dates for 2 of our showers (my family's and my work's) and an offer for a small one (friends at church). We feel so incredibly blessed and can't wait to celebrate this little guy's life!

Unfortunately, I was in a wreck this week so we're down to 1 car while we wait to get mine fixed. It was totally my fault combined with stop and go traffic. It wasn't too bad but my air bag light is on so apparently my air bag could have deployed. Thank the Lord it didn't and that me and baby are safe! I'm still having some soreness in my neck and it's causing a little bit of a headache so I've been taking it pretty slow this week. The other driver was so nice and much more concerned about me than his car and the insurance claim adjuster I talked to was also very sweet. Not to mention, James has been so nice about the whole thing. He had actually bought me flowers and some treats that day because I'd already had a rough day (headache and long day at work) and they were waiting for me when I got home, which of course made my hormonal self burst into tears and say over and over that I was "so sorry!" that I'd caused the accident. He was very comforting and said at least it was because I was just trying to be a safe driver (I was checking the merge lane to make sure I wasn't blocking anyone from getting over) and that this was the reason we had good insurance. I'm so glad no one was hurt! Now we're doing some small things here and there to build back what we'll pay for our deductible.

But on to bigger and happier things in the next few weeks! Little man has had a first name for awhile and James and I are so close to deciding on his middle name!! I can't wait to know his full name!!

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