Monday, December 26, 2011

Weeks 20 & 21

So this will be short and sweet...

The last two weeks have been a blast and FULL of holiday activity as we both have a lot of extended family. It has been a blast, but I'm excited for a little more rest next weekend (a 4 day weekend for me!!!). Then, unfortunately James has to go back to school :(

But Christmas was so fun as usual and Baby Boy was treated to a few first gifts. My parents and in-laws went in together to buy his furniture so we didn't ask for anything else this Christmas. I think a lot of Christmas is about asking for big, fancy things and we've really tried to scale back on that in our lives. We definitely don't live a completely frugal life, but we try not to buy lots of unnecessary things. I spend a lot less of my life worrying about the next new awesome thing and shopping at the mall is a distant memory. Anyways, since we hadn't asked for anything, we expected very little. We still had a few gifts to open though which was fun. Even Penny got some love at Christmas time and I can't tell if Thanksgiving or Christmas is her favorite holiday. Thanksgiving involves leftover turkey and ham, but Christmas has brand new bones and treats to unwrap!

Speaking of Penny, we've been trying to get her ready for her little brother to arrive. My cousin has a little boy who was born in April and he loves dogs, so we try and have her visit a little with him when he's around. He is a cutie and was smiling at her but he reached out and grabbed her whiskers and yanked. I was afraid it would scare her and she might react but when he let go, she gave him a kiss and continued to hang around. Whoo hoo! I think she's getting more and more ready :) We've also tried to teach her the command "Gentle" which means not to use her (giant) paws when greeting and playing. I know it will be an adjustment once the little man arrives, but I think she'll learn to love her new life :)


  1. Yay. I love catching up on your blog. We definitely need to hang out though. Can't wait til your maternity leave! Get ready, Lifegroup Girls hang out :)

  2. I think most dogs react SO well to a new baby... The whole family treats a new baby like they are the new head of the household and the dogs DEF get the drift. I think Penny will be just fine with the baby, and they'll probably end up being BFF - especially once baby is on solids and chucking things to the dog from the highchair haha.

  3. I can't wait either, Michelle! I'm excited for maternity leave - and already tear up when I think about the end of if :(

    Lauren, I think she's going to adjust so well. She became best friends with my other cousin's 17 month old. I think he fed her half his pizza. So I am better once little sweet pea eats solids, she'll be pretty happy... and fat!