Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weeks 18 & 19 - Drumroll! It's a....


We were all shocked! Everyone was so convinced we were having a girl that it took a few moments for us to take it all in. But we're so excited! We have yet to decide on a name but we're keeping it as a surprise once we do :)

We just bought a few things for him yesterday and that made it all the more real. His crib was already ordered as we wanted a very gender neutral one but it will still be awhile before it comes in. Once it does, let the nursery decorating begin!

He moves around a lot now and seems to like music as he's always more active when I'm around it. From what I can tell, he is sitting very low, even though my bump isn't.

The ultrasound was so amazing! He was trying to suck his thumb and waving his arms around. Very cool as he is only 10 oz (although they said that is slightly ahead of average already! Yikes! I think he's going to be a big one). Everything checked out perfectly and amazingly normal which is just what a mama wants to hear! It was pretty funny because I was amazed at all the cutesy stuff like his little feet and hands and James loved checking out his aortic arch and other medical terms :)

I also just had my next appointment and my doctor is very happy with everything. I've gained 8 pounds which is right on track. I was very happy to hear that after Thanksgiving :)

I took my 4 month picture just after my last update so it's a few weeks out of date, but here it is!

Yeah, I'm definitely sticking the bump out on purpose but you get the idea! I am guessing my 5 month picture will definitely show a difference. James has mentioned that he's noticed a big change in even the last week :)

Can't wait to meet my little guy!


  1. You're looking beautiful, AliSOOON! I'm so excited for you and even more excited to hold the little guy. He's gonna be a cutie!

  2. So exciting!! The party set up looked so cute... and I know some people love the excitement of finding out at birth BUT I think it's always so exciting leading up to the big ultrasound, and then afterwards it's even MORE exciting because, at least for me, I felt like I was better able to bond with my baby and imagine what she was going to be like, etc. I felt like I knew her before she came. I guess it would be the same either way but for me to put a name to a baby (even if it's secret) it just makes it more real.

  3. Thanks, Auntie Lala!

    I totally agree, Lauren! I think it's a fun surprise whenever you find out! I also like to refer to him as a HE and not an it or "the baby" so I don't think I'll regret finding out :) Can't wait to find out if Brielle will get a little sister or brother!