Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chalkboard Paint

So there's this awesome stuff called chalkboard paint. Oh you mean you've heard of it? Okay, so I know that chalkboard paint has been all the rage in the DIY world for awhile now, but I just recently finished my first project with it. I've been wanting to do this for awhile but last year I couldn't find just a small, cheap tube of it, only pints, and since I didn't want to paint a huge space, I've been putting it off.

James had a week off before he went back to school this week and nicely went to Hobby Lobby for me and found a little bottle that would cover 10 square feet at most and was only $4, so he picked it up for me. I had an old metal serving plate my friend had given me for a DIY project of my choosing (Thanks, Paigey!) sitting in my cabinet. I decided it would be really cute, painted and hung up on the wall. We have a ton of paint samples in our utility room, so I went and scanned them to see what I wanted. We have a ton of white options (did you know how hard it is to match ceiling paint?!?!?!) so I grabbed one of those.

I painted a thin coat and let it set, then attempted a second coat but it was flaking off and just not covering well. James informed me that the paint I was using would not work well on metal. Bummer... But he had an awesome idea - he had painted our shed last summer and used a white paint for the trim work. It was a durable outdoor paint that would adhere to metal. PERFECT! I painted a few coats on the dish and it seemed to be working great! I then painted 3 coats of chalkboard paint on the middle of the dish and waited the requested 24 hours for the paint to cure. All I had to do after that was rub a light coat of chalk over the area and then wipe clean. Now it's perfect for little notes, bible verses, or even grocery lists!
After this picture, I hotglued some wire to the chalk and hung it on one of the handles for easy access. James is figuring out the best way to hang it, so for now it's sitting on our table. I want it to be easy to take down and put back up so I can write messages on it without too much trouble so I think we'll hang it under the handles. I'll update when it's up!

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