Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baby Boy Bedroom

Since I'm using this to remember what life was like "back in the day," I thought I would post about W's room. Once we knew we were having a boy, we ditched any gender neutral ideas we had. Daddy was a baseball player, so I threw out the idea of doing vintage baseball. He was totally on board :) We're still looking for a nice dark curtain to replace the oh so lovely blanket on his window...

I know some people love cutesy little character bedding and whatnot, but I am just not a fan. I wanted a room that would grow with him for a little while, so I decided to ditch the normal baby bedding and just make him a quilt. We went with "Americana" type colors... navy, tan, and brick reds. James helped me pick out the fabric and I loved it! I will say, I was a little bummed we couldn't do bright colors for a little girl, but everything turned out so great (in my opinion) that I got over it! I also recovered some cushions on a chair that my grandma gave us awhile back and made a few pillows.

We hung a peg board (FREE - left by the previous owners in our garage) that James painted a soft white. We put his dresser/changing table underneath it since we hung baskets on the peg board for diaper storage. My parents had a lot of vintage baseball decorations that we used. I think they achieved the vintage feel I was going for :)

We also scored some nice shelves on Black Friday at Home Depot (or maybe Lowes??) that we use for toys, books, baskets of socks and hats, and some other decorations. We, of course, have his K-State gear showcased as well! We may be in Sooner county, but we bleed purple!

All in all, I love his room and so does James! It's perfect for the little guy and I think it will grow with him. A lot of the things we got were free that we spruced up with some spray paint so it was pretty economical as well. Gotta love that!

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