Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weeks 14 & 15

According to my doctor's appointment yesterday, everything seems to be right on track. The heart beat was between 158 and 163 beats per minute. James and I love that whoosh whoosh noise! My doctor said that everything looks great!

How far along: 15 weeks

Size of baby: According to my weekly e-mails, Baby S is the size of an apple. What type of apple is what I'm curious about!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 4 pounds (my goal is 25 for the whole pregnancy but we'll have to see how that goes)

Maternity Clothes: My mom took me shopping for my birthday so I have some maternity clothes mixed in with my normal ones.

Gender: Will find out in 3 weeks!

Movement: Might have felt something this week but I'm still unsure. Felt like bubbles popping so that could have just been hunger or indigestion too.

Sleep: I usually wake up once to use the bathroom but otherwise that's it.

What I miss: I've been craving a wheat beer so that's a bummer

Cravings: I randomly bought beef jerky at the store and it tasted delicious!

Symptoms: Exhaustion, occasional nausea, the beginnings of a sore back

Best moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat

I just started thinking at church today that Baby S can almost hear everyone worshiping and how awesome that is. I got a little teary about it (which isn't hard - I teared up during a car commercial this week). So amazed by this little blessing.

Ah, and here is my 3 month picture that I took a few weeks ago! Ignore the grubby clothes!

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