Monday, April 25, 2011


Now that I have quite a few projects to blog on, I'll probably do some mass posting over the next few weeks (which is about a post a week at my pace) and then drop off the face of the blog world for months again. It's just how I roll. So, now that we've gotten more involved in our new church, I've gotten to know the people in my lifegroup a lot better. I seriously love them! And I love their kids... which is a good thing since there were four babies born in our group in a month and a half's time! It's been so fun! I actually know a TON of people that have recently had babies and I went to 7 baby showers in 2 months... no joke! So, that being said, I have been making little baby-inspired things left and right. Love it! I made a little bow holder for a friend and her little bundle and I thought it turned out very fun. It was also very easy and very affordable to make. To start off, I made a bow for decoration (I actually made about 6 of these with different materials and turned the rest into hairbows). I found a tutorial here and thought it would be perfect! I took some pictures of one of the bows while I was working on it, but it will be easier to just check theirs out.

I added the bow (which is different than the one I showed pictures of above) to a frame that I painted. We had a picture of the hubs' trip to Africa in this, but the glass broke in the move, so we repurposed it. I also bought some ribbon and modge-podged (gotta love that stuff!) the same fabric (which matched the little one's nursery bedding) onto the middle of it. I then glued the ribbon to the back and held it so it dried nice and tight. Note: I glued this to a little ridge on the back so it wasn't laying flat against the wall if they were to hang it. I doubt it makes much difference but just something to think about. I also added a little knob (from Hobby Lobby, my favorite place ever, at 50% off) at the bottom so they could hang her little headbands there if they want.
I had a blast making this! They've already shown me all the bows they hung on it and it gave me some major baby fever, especially for a little girl!

More baby craft ideas to come!

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