Sunday, October 17, 2010

Long Time, No See

I thought we would actually have more time after the summer was over. No dice. But it's been fun! I've had the chance to do a few more small projects...

After our wedding, I swear we had about 8,259 picture frames. I'll be honest, I wasn't great about putting pictures in frames for our first year. We knew we would be moving, so I pretty much only put up my absolute favorite pictures and left the rest until after I moved. Now that we're moved in, I have been dying to make a gallery photo wall. We had a lot of 8x10 pictures (we take advantage of it everytime they're free at Wal-Greens), so we've been looking for frames around our house that work. We had received one for our wedding that had not been used but it had been scratched in our move.

We liked the frame, but even without the scratches the silver wouldn't work in our room very well. We did have some leftover paint samples so I mixed an off-white with some pearl craft paint - just experimented with some of the colors. After I did a once-over with a foam brush, I took a very tiny paintbrush to get into the fine detailing on the sides. It turned out pretty good and our gallery wall is coming along. I hope to put that up soon!

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