Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas

He got in! That's right, PC is going to Med School. I am excited for him and excited that I can finally start job and house hunting now that we have an idea of where we will be at. Yay! Anyways... the last couple of days have brought on a change in the weather... and my blog layout! It snowed pretty hard yesterday and it looked pretty beautiful out. All white and fluffy and perfect for sledding... you know if you were fortunate enough to not work or have college classes. But I saw a ton of kids on their snow day enjoying themselves thoroughly and it made me smile! PC was a little less happy but only because our land lord didn't shovel our parking lot. He grumbled a bit about it and then was done :)

I also attended my first passion party - now for you married ladies out there, I thought they were great! Informative and sassy and fun :) I ordered some things which were pretty tame but fun nonetheless! Can't wait!

PC and I also started a new tradition for ourselves by buying a real Christmas tree and decorating it together. He was definitely funny trying to hang all those adorably small and fragile ornaments and he only broke two, haha! He definitely had some choice words and said something along the lines of "how the heck do they expect me to not break the stupid things when I can't even get them outta the box!!!" under his breath of course. I just laughed at him. He just said "Bah humbug" back. Gotta love my Scrooge!!

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  1. Hello, I'm a first time visitor from Kelly's Corner.

    Congratulations to PC! That's awesome.