Sunday, November 15, 2009

Compare and Contrast

Things we have in common:
- Love of cooking... and eating
- Football fans
- Stubbornness (not the best thing to have in common)
- Sarcasm
- We both pretend we can sing...
- Love of random facts

Things we don’t have in common:
- He is a foot taller than me
- I am the clean freak – he could go weeks...months...years without it
- He SMOTHERS everything in sauce – mustard, BBQ, ketchup, ranch dressing, you name it – and I lightly drizzle things
- He gets things done early... I wait until the last minute
- He’s habitually up at the crack of dawn... I would sleep all morning if I could
- He is a risk taker – sometimes I avoid them at all costs

Somehow we are each other’s perfect compliments. The Big Guy Upstairs definitely knew what he was doing :)

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