Sunday, January 20, 2013


The holidays flew by and I haven't updated in quite awhile - Will is crawling everywhere! And he is pulling up on all the furniture and trying to stand on his own. We had a blast with him over Christmas. He was so cute with all his new toys - he had to try them all out. Unfortunately, he also picked up strep throat and then a virus from all the family members. But we weathered it and are all healthy now - yay! He's still nursing and also eats purees like a champ. He also just started eating puffs and rice rusks. He can get them in his mouth but prefers to throw them (along with anything he can get his hands on) so that makes it a little difficult, but he does seem to like them when they actually make it in his mouth. I think he'll be walking before his birthday (which is only 3.5 months away - how can that be??) but I think I might shed a few tears when it happens - that is the last part of babyhood :( Here are his latest weekly photos!

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